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Carolle Bell
Equine and Clinical Director

Carolle Bell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers. She is also a Level III Certified Equine Therapist and is qualified to mentor other therapists who are seeking to obtain advanced certification. Carolle grew up in eastern New Mexico. Being from a small farming community, Carolle developed a strong work ethic. Growing up in New Mexico also taught her an appreciation of cultural diversity.
Carolle has a Bachelors in Psychology from Baylor University, a Masters in Social Work from the University of Texas and a Ph.D. from Utah State University. She has extensive experience as a therapist and began developing a specialty working with children and adolescents at the Child Study Center in Fort Worth, Texas. She has worked extensively with developmentally delayed children and adults, as well as adolescents with mental health and substance abuse problems. Before moving to St. George in 2001, Carolle taught at Utah State University and had a successful private practice in Brigham City.
For the past five years, Carolle has been the Director of Equine Services at Falcon Ridge Ranch. Under her direction, Falcon Ridge Ranch has become one of the few programs certified by EAGALA to train equine therapists and specialists. Carolle is patient and excels with clients. Carole’s previous work in adoptions contributes to her ability to work with adopted and attachment disordered clients. She has a strong background in family therapy and believes that you need to heal the family, not just the child.
Carolle has been married for forty-three years. She and her husband have two sons and love to spend time visiting Europe, Africa and Central America. She enjoys collecting Native American art and is an unapologetic football fan, especially of the University of Texas Longhorns.
Jamie Haynes
Residential Director

Jamie was born and raised in southern Utah. After high school, she began working at residential treatment facilities. She fell in love with the idea of helping youth. The thought of making a difference in the lives of teens and their families was most intriguing. She started in behavior treatment, learned many great skills such as communication and how important it is. Being aware, reading body language, being spontaneous, listening to hear what people are truly saying and asking for.
After a couple of years of helping others and growing herself, she decided to start her own family. She is now married to an amazing, patient, and kind man. She has two boys that are the light of her life and her biggest challenge.
In 2008, Jamie decided to return to Falcon Ridge Ranch, and continue to work in the positive peer culture atmosphere that she truly believes in.
Jamie believes that positive peer culture combined with the Equine experience can teach youth care, concern, respect, work ethics, and the ability to work with their peers. To focus on themselves while also helping others.
" The growth and change that I get to see in these girls is one of the most powerful moments in my life. To be able to be a part in watching a young lady change, mature, and find her true self is something that i could never put into words. These girls work so hard and at times can be a challenge, however in the end they are reunited with their families. These girls have gathered tools for success, and have found themselves."
Joette Hayden 

Principal- Director of Education

Joette has spent the last 16 years working with the education of "at-risk" youth in a variety of settings. She has taught school (grades 7th through 12th) in a psychiatric hospital, working with emotionally disturbed students, as well as teaching in residential treatment settings. Additionally, Joette spent many years in private education working as the Director of Education and Administration developing individualized curriculum for special needs students.
Joette earned her BS in Educational & Special Ed and Masters Degree of Education from Southern Utah University. Currently, Joette serves as a Commissioner on the Instructional Curriculum Committee at the Utah State Office of Education.
Joette believes that all students can learn, and the current challenges that youth face each day can be overwhelming. This can negatively impact their ability to see their own potential. She believes that it is her job (the teachers job) to help remove the obstacles, and give students the tools necessary for them to succeed both academically and emotionally.
Joette believe that at Falcon Ridge the teachers, therapists, and staff really care about the whole child. She embraces the "team approach" with tremendous enthusiasm; emotional, physical, and academic health of the students of Falcon Ridge are the responsibility of the whole team. She believes that these three components are the most important areas of effective treatment allowing for each young woman treated as an individual of value and worth.
Joette has been with Falcon for 10 years, and fully understands and admires the leadership and philosophy that guides the treatment process. She believes that "student's needs are put first". Joette states, "Our youth are our future, and Falcon Ridge is preparing young women to be an example and leaders of our towns and communities."
Born in California and raised in Southern Utah, Joette lives with her husband and 5 children ranging in ages from 4 to 18. Joette loves to spend time with her family (ski, hunt, fish, and hiking). She is an avid reader and loves to scrapbook.

Karen Slack
Case Manager

Education: Karen Jorclon / Trade Tech. Nursing
Karen loves the family atmosphere at Falcon Ridge. She is one of the many caring staff who are dedicated to the kids and their familes.
Karen is organized, friendly, caring and helpful. She has been married for 35 years and has 3 grown children. Before Falcon Ridge, she had helped her daughters overcome their own struggles. She also enjoy camping and quilting.
Clinical Team
Stan Sullivan

Amanda Neilson

Phil Wintch
Phil is a Certified Social Worker who has been serving adults and children with mental illnesses since 2006. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Brigham Young University, and attended Graduate school at Arizona State University where he earned his Master’s Degree in Social Work. Phil Graduated from ASU Summa Cum Laude with an emphasis in the therapeutic treatment of children and families. He has worked in a wide variety of treatment settings including wilderness and residential therapy programs, community mental health agencies, the Veteran’s Administration, and the public school system.  In these settings Phil has worked with at-risk adolescents struggling with mental and behavioral illnesses, adults with serious mental illnesses, and military veterans with serious mental illnesses. Phil’s experiences have helped him develop skills in the use of psychotherapy to treat various disorders in the areas of substance abuse, anxiety, mood, and personality. Phil especially likes using outdoor therapies such as wilderness experiences and equine therapy to treat mental illnesses. Phil grew up working at his family’s ranch in central Utah, and he loves the western setting of Falcon Ridge and its capacity to provoke positive change in individuals and families. His amiable personality and ready smile add to the ranch’s atmosphere of acceptance and respect. He loves the outdoors, and in his free time likes to work at his family’s ranch, swim, hike, exercise, laugh, read, and spend time with his wife and two young children.

Shift Leaders

Summer Downard

Amy Dazet

Tony Mangerino


Suka Faiga

Megan Anderson

My name is Megan Anderson. I teach English and World History at Falcon Ridge Ranch. I grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I went to Idaho State University for a year and a half and transferred to Southern Utah University where I received degrees in Theatre and English Education.
In 2009, I graduated and went on a religious history tour in Europe for a month. It was one of the best experiences of my life. 
My first year of teaching began in August 2009 in Wendover, Utah. It was certainly an eye-opening, cultural experience! Though I learned much, Wendover was not the place for me. My second year of teaching was spent in Burley, Idaho. I enjoyed the small farming community, but sunny, beautiful St. George called my name. I moved to St. George in November 2011 and I'm there to stay!
I thoroughly enjoy working at Falcon Ridge Ranch. 
Every day is full of new and interesting experiences. Working with teenagers is very fulfilling and entertaining. I love their enthusiasm for life and willingness to try new things. My favorite part of teaching is when a student who previously did not understand suddenly “gets it.”

 Gary Dean

 Steve Force

 Dave Lydon

Equine Specialists
Robyn Christiansen
Robyn grew up in an active family of horsemen in a small rural town in Utah. She has participated in the 4H horse program for 9 years, placing at state and also being a member of the 4H State Judging Team. Meanwhile she was actively involved in High School Rodeo. Qualifying for state all 4 years and qualifying for Nationals 2 years. She received a full ride scholarship to Rodeo at Utah Valley State College.
She was the Rocky Mountain Region Intercollegiate Barrel Racing Champion. She has participated in National Competitions all through college.
After college she gained more equine experience teaching 4H clubs, working with veterinarians as well as continuing to barrel race with the NBHA and WCBRA. She spent 10 years managing, conditioning, and training thoroughbred race horses.
Robyn is a very skillful addition to the Equine Team at Falcon Ridge.

 Jenkin White

 Nicole Barnson


Wynette Hasser