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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mission Statement

Hope | Strength | Healing | Unity

At Falcon Ridge Ranch, our mission is to provide the unconditional acceptance, teaching, security and structure that must be present for quality treatment. In our unique ranch setting, young women will find the courage necessary to make positive changes in their lives and build a future that is full of hope and promise. We help young women identify and develop their inner strengths. We teach teens the tools they need to manage their behaviors. Our young women develop self-esteem and value for themselves, as they care and show concern for those around them.

Our logo conveys our Mission Statement. The oval border represents the never ending pursuit of happiness. The ridge represents strength and security with the belief that in order to maintain stability there must first be a good foundation in place. The image of a falcon represents the versatility to rise above life challenges while keeping a focus on positive goals. The image of the girl inside the falcon represents the ability to overcome adversity and to develop into a beautiful young woman.