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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Grafton School Field Trip

The girls learned about cartography/map making, the history of the area, ghost/scary stories associated with the town, and wrote an essay about how a time when their lives seemed washed away/destroyed and how they rebuilt/repaired, because the town of Grafton was flooded twice and had issues with Indians, but they kept coming back. We learned about the lives and deaths of many of the people who were buried there. Two girls had died in a swing accident; we read a poem of consolation written by Eliza R. Snow to the families of the two girls. We learned of an account where a girl claimed to have seen the ghosts of these two girls. We also learned about the relations between the local natives and the pioneers which was often peaceful but a renegade party of Navajo had attacked and murdered the Berry family who are buried in the cemetery. After my instruction I had the girls complete sketches of anything that inspired them in that area whether it was the graves, the stories of the people buried there or the beauty of the red rock mountains and mesas.