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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Trees at the Ranch

Trees in Autumn
Splash red - 
A rush of autumn leaves that 
Bled away their beauty as they 
Died upon the breeze.
Leaves lost.
Stocky frames -
Thinning at the dendrites - 
Animate their colour under dusk: 
A paling brown, 
Emerging grey -
Deeper, darker -
Leads to black: 
Silhouettes braced for winter, 
Like monuments of hardiness
Against the freeze.
Barely hanging overhead, charcoal-grey chassis
Buckle under silent flow of ever-stacking billows
While stings in the face foretell the ice-blight.
An arrow-bound wind builds, 
Penetrating flesh, 
Whistling out its warning
To the nakedness of winter woods - 
Fair-weather green coats too fickle for the stay.
Summer died upon another eon.
Autumn scampered from the chill.
But the trees fought back; upheld their dignity -
No fuss, pomp, or thrill.