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Friday, February 7, 2014

'X-Rated' Poster Sparks Outrage

How much is too much? Middle school sex ed program features ‘x-rated’ poster.

(Photo from the original article | Credit: Fox News)

A Kansas middle school is under fire after part of its sexual education program featured a poster with explicit sexual acts listed to answer the question “How do people express their sexual feelings?” After one parent discovered the poster, he became outraged and threatened to pull his daughter out of the class. The school board has since taken it down for review. But here’s my question: Is it better to inform children (even as young as middle school) about these acts in hopes of preventing STDs, unplanned pregnancy, and other issues? Or is it better to focus sexual education elsewhere? I’ve seen statistics that suggest teens who know more about sex are more likely to abstain from it, unlike what opponents of sexual education claim. I happen to agree that its better to inform them of this. Chances are their classmates or siblings have told them enough that they have heard of these terms anyways; best to take the curiosity out of it to prevent them from experimenting on their own. But where do you stand? What’s the limit on sexual education?

Read a preview of the full article from +Think Progress:
A middle school in Kansas has removed a poster that used to supplement some of the sex ed curricula for eighth graders, following complaints from one parent who took his case to the press. The poster, entitled “How Do People Express Their Sexual Feelings?”, lists various sexual activities like “grinding,” “oral sex,” “kissing,” and “sexual fantasy.” It sparked considerable controversy last week after one 13-year-old student snapped a photo of it and showed it to her father, who threatened to remove her from the sex ed class. Read more