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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Teens: Why You Aren't Talking to Your Doctor About Sex

Teens are staying quiet on sex when it comes to their doctor visits. Why?

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In case you missed it, the debate has been stirring for a few months now on teens, sexual health, and their doctors. Recent studies have found that very few teens are having discussions with their doctors about sex. Some parents wish to keep it this way, but many experts are arguing that it's a conversation that should be a part of every visit in order to keep teens safe and healthy. This article is written by teens to explain why some are less than thrilled about opening up to their doctor about their sex life.

Read the full article on +The Huffington Post

Read a preview of the article from +The Huffington Post:
Thirty-six seconds. That’s how long the average teen and their doctor spend talking about sex during an appointment, according to a new study from Duke University Medical Center.
It’s not that teens aren’t having sex. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half of high school students have had sexual intercourse.
“I saw the doctor two or three times for a physical, and each appointment we talked about sex for (about) 15 seconds,” said Alexandra Bakalich, a junior at Riverside Brookfield. “The doctor usually asks, ‘Have you had sex?’ and ‘Do you want birth control?’” Read more