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Friday, January 10, 2014

Body Image

For a question that shouldn't be that difficult, this sure seemed to stump a lot of women

Why is it so much easier for women to compliment their friends instead of themselves? This video is a brief social experiment as part of +Dove's Campaign For Real Beauty, where pairs of women were asked what they like about themselves. You may be surprised by the answer. Then, they are asked what they like about their friend, which almost immediately results in a compliment. Perhaps, if women and girls were taught to appreciate their bodies and love themselves, rather than being shown images constantly of what they "should" look like, then the world would be a more loving and compassionate place.
Read a preview of the accompanying article from +The Huffington Post:
If you were asked to name one thing you really love about your body, what would your initial reaction be? And would it be far easier to compliment your friends' sparkling eyes, glowing complexion, curvaceous hips and toned legs than openly praise your own looks? 
According to a compelling new ad from Dove, the latest video in the brand's Campaign For Real Beauty, the answer to that second question is a resounding -- and heartbreaking -- yes. Dove asked pairs of women on the street what they love about their own bodies and received nervous laughter, "hmmms," and "I don't knows" in response. But when the same women were asked to answer the same question about their female friends, they gushed.
Read the article in its entirety here: