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Friday, January 24, 2014

Signs Your Teen Has Bipolar Disorder

More than a mood swing. Signs that your teen may have bipolar disorder.

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You've wondered for a while what has been up with your teen. They're either really moody or incredibly happy, and sometimes there seems to be no middle ground. At first, you'll probably brush it off as teenage hormones and mood swings, but after a while it seems to be more than that. Her friends and classmates seem well-behaved and have outgrown such a spectrum of emotion. Something just doesn't feel right about your daughter, and you wish to help her. Here are the signs that your daughter could have bipolar disorder.

The top signs parents need to watch for include:
  1. Episodes of depression
  2. Episodes of mania
  3. Having a very short temper
  4. Alcohol or drug use
Read a preview of the full article from +Masternet:
Bipolar disorder should never be taken lightly, but this is especially true for young people, because it can be even more intense for them than it is for adults. There are several reasons that teenagers can develop bipolar disorder, but it is especially important for parents to be able to recognize the symptoms. Bipolar disorder is most definitively characterized by sudden and extreme upswings and downswings of emotion that interfere with regular life. It can be somewhat difficult for teens to be able to see the problem in themselves, so here are some signs that you should be aware of if you believe your son or daughter might have bipolar disorder. Read more