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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year's Resolution: Talk to Your Teen

And other resolutions to make this a great year with your teen daughter

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As a parent of a teen, it wouldn't be unusual for you to seek new options to make this year better than last in your relationship with your daughter. As rated by Charlotte Tallman of the Las Cruces Sun- News, these are the top resolutions to work on with your teen:

  1. Talk to Your Teen
  2. Know the Myths vs. Facts
  3. Understand the Consequences
  4. Know the Trends
  5. Know What to Look For
Here's a preview of the article from +Las Cruces Sun-News:

It is another year, and parents can be among those with resolutions that could impact the lives of their teens. The Unified Prevention! (UP!) Coalition for a Drug Free Doña Ana County, an initiative of the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico, offers this list of the top five beneficial New Year resolutions for parents of teens.
1. Talk to Your Teen. The National Youth Anti-Drug Campaign focuses on the fact that parents are influential as teens move through school and face a variety of pressures and emotions. Research shows that kids who learn from their parents about the dangers of risky behaviors like drug use, underage drinking, tobacco use and dangerous driving are less likely to engage in those behaviors.
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